As a journal, you retain whatever form of copyright or Creative Commons license you claim on the work you produce using Scholastica. Scholastica claims no copyright or ownership of content posted to our site by users.

If we are informed that something posted to the site infringes someone's copyright, we may remove it.

If you use Scholastica OA Publishing, we encourage you to publish articles under a Creative Commons license. Creative Commons provides a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to your articles. This makes it easier for readers to know exactly how your article can (or cannot) be distributed, remixed, shared, sold, etc. Read more about Creative Commons licenses.

How do I set a copyright license for my articles published through Scholastica OA Publishing?

To set a copyright license for all future articles that you publish through Scholastica OA Publishing, first navigate to My Journals>Publishing>Publishing Settings>Click Edit under the option "OA Copyright license".

After updating your copyright license, all future articles will use the newly selected license. If you would like to also update the copyright license for previously published articles, please contact us and we can help you out.

If you are unsure which copyright is best, we recommend CC BY license. Note: In order to be Plan S compliant, your articles must be published using the CC BY license.

For full details regarding our policy on copyright, view our Terms of Service.

To learn more about being an editor, check out our Editor Guide.