Manually uploading and publishing back issues

Uploading and publishing back issues of your journal on Scholastica is simple! Just follow the steps listed here:

1.) Create an issue

To create an issue, go to the "Publishing" tab and click the "New Issue" button.

You will then fill out high-level information about your issue. This includes:
  • Volume (required)
  • Issue Number (required)
  • Year (required)
  • Lede - a short description that describes the gist of the issue (required)
  • Description of the issue (recommended)
  • Cover Image (recommended)
  • Title (recommended)

Curious to know how descriptions, pertinent cover images, and issue titles can make for a better experience for your readers? Read here for publication best practices.

Then just click "Create Issue" when you're done for now.

2.) Add articles to your new issue

To add articles, you'll either click the "Create a new article" button that appears after you've created the issue or you can click "Add an article you've already created" if you've previously created the article on Scholastica.

For a more detailed guide on creating articles in Scholastica, please read our guide here.

Finally, you'll click the "publish issue" button. Once published, your back issue will be found on your journal's public profile page on Scholastica. Congratulations!
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