Law review fee waiver program

Scholastica maintains an economic hardship fee waiver program for law review submissions to help legal scholars benefit from the article management tools and communication features our software provides. The fee waiver program offers eligible authors up to 50 free law review submissions per calendar year, sponsored by Scholastica.
Any author living in a low-income, lower-middle-income, or upper-middle income country is eligible for a submission fee waiver. Scholastica also provides law review submission fee waivers for authors not affiliated with a law school (i.e., not enrolled students nor faculty) who have either experienced unemployment or graduated from school in the last 24 months. To request a fee waiver, please click here to email our law review fee waiver program prior to submitting.
Authors who do not meet the above criteria may have other funding options available, including the following:
  1. Institutional subsidization: Authors can check to see if their submission costs are subsidized by their university/law school's Scholastica account by following the steps here. Authors who find that their submissions are not being sponsored but believe they should be can contact Scholastica support to check their institution’s current sponsorship status. If a university/law school does not have a Scholastica account, authors can request that it create one by following the steps in this help doc.
  2. Institutional research budgets: Some institutions choose to support Scholastica submissions via research budget reimbursements in addition to or in lieu of setting up an institutional account. Authors should check with their institution to see if this is an option for them. Many universities have dedicated faculty research administration/grant committees. For authors unsure of how research budget allocation works at their university, the office of the provost or dean is usually a good starting place to learn more. Authors using Scholastica will receive receipts for all of the submissions they make via the platform to send institutions for processing reimbursements. To learn how to find your submission receipts, click here.
  3. Email submission: Law reviews using Scholastica can also accommodate email submissions for authors. To learn more about how to submit to a law review by email, please contact that journal directly. You can usually find the contact information for each journal on their ‘Home’ page or ‘About page.’ 

If you have any questions about these subsidization options, please contact Scholastica support. If you have exhausted all other funding options and would like to request a law review fee waiver, please email us here before you submit.