What happens if my journal discontinues use of Scholastica OA Publishing?

If you're currently using Scholastica OA Publishing to host your journal's content, but plan to discontinue your Scholastica OA Publishing plan, there will be a few changes that apply to your account once you've canceled your subscription.

When you unsubscribe from Scholastica OA Publishing, you'll be given a choice between: 

  1. Canceling your subscription now but leaving all published material up and active until your subscription has reached its end date
  2. Canceling your subscription now and immediately deactivating your site, removing all of your published content now, etc.

What happens to my site and published content?

When your journal no longer has an active OA Publishing subscription, your articles, issues, and blog posts will all automatically be unpublished and links to those materials will no longer work. Please note that we do not offer support for setting up redirects for your published content to your new journal site.

If you'd like an export of your published content before you cancel your subscription, please contact us at support@scholasticahq.com and we'd be happy to provide you with that data!

If you're only discontinuing use of Scholastica's OA Publishing tools, but will continue to use Scholastica Peer Review, your site will revert to simple journal profile pages like so: https://technology-and-culture.scholasticahq.com/. Any custom pages you set up for your site when you were using OA Publishing will be removed and not appear on your simple journal profile pages.

Can I still access the publishing tools?

When your journal no longer has an active OA Publishing subscription your access to the tools and pages under the Publishing tab will be restricted. That means you won't be able to access your previously published materials, your publishing settings, and your publishing analytics. 

If there is any content or data you'd like to have for your records, please make sure you download that information before your subscription is canceled.

I was using a custom domain — what will happen with that domain?

Ordinarily, journals that use Scholastica have a domain like www.your-journal.scholasticahq.com. If you set up a custom domain for your Scholastica site, like www.your-journal.com that custom domain will no longer direct to your Scholastica site. If you'd like to use your custom domain for a new site you've set up, you'll be able to do so.