Can I submit articles on behalf of law faculty?

The easiest and best solution is for your faculty to submit articles themselves by creating individual accounts. Our submission process is quick, simple, and painless so it won't be difficult for them to do so!

Assuming that's not possible, however, we have a suggested two-step workaround:

1. Create an account on Scholastica for each of your authors.

Visit our signup page at To do this you will need the following information for each faculty member:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Institution (e.g. Albany Law School)
  • Position
  • Specialties (e.g. "legal-scholar")
  • Email (use their email address, not yours)
  • Password

This will send an email to each of your faculty members asking them to confirm their account. Authors will click a link within that email to confirm their account.

Please keep in mind that you'll need to save a list on your computer of each author's email and password so that you will be able to login on their behalf when submitting articles.

2. Submit articles on behalf of your authors.

You'll need to login with the author’s email address/password and visit: From this page, you'll be able to complete the entire submission process.

To learn more about being an institutional administrator, check out our Institutional Administrator Guide.