How do I manage my group submission to law reviews?

Authors who have submitted a manuscript to one or more law reviews can manage their submission through their "submission details" page.

On this page authors are able to do things such as:

  • send expedite requests to one or more journals
  • withdraw a manuscript from one or more journals
  • send questions and messages to one or more journals
  • accept and decline publication offers from journals that have accepted their manuscript

Submission Details Page

See the journals where you have submitted your manuscript

The first thing you'll notice about the submission page is that it lists all of the journals where you have submitted your manuscript.

The area with the black bar let's you easily filter between:

  • all journals that you have submitted to
  • journals that are currently reviewing your manuscript
  • journals that have extended a publication offer to you
  • journals that have rejected your article
  • journals from which your manuscript has been withdrawn
Submission-Type Filter

Perform common actions on your submission at multiple journals

Expedite requests

You can send an expedite request to a multiple journals at once by checking the boxes next to their names, going to the bulk actions drop select, choosing send expedite request, and clicking Go.

You'll then find a page that allows you to list the journal that has extended you your most important offer, any other notes/comments, and the deadline.

Making an expedite request to multiple journals

You can view the history of the expedite requests that you've sent to a journal by hovering over that journal in the table and clicking View expedite history.

Viewing an expedite request and history sent to a specific journal


You can withdraw your manuscript from multiple journals by checking the boxes next to their names, going to the bulk actions drop select, choosing withdraw and clicking Go.

An alert box will appear and inform you that this can't be undone. After confirming that you'd like to withdraw, the chosen manuscripts will be withdrawn from the journals you selected. Withdrawing tells the journal that you'd no longer like them to consider your article for publication at their journal.


Law authors can send the same message to multiple journals on the manuscript’s Submission Details page.

  • Check the box next to each journal you want to message.
    • Select Start a Discussion from the Bulk Actions pull-down.
    • Click Go.
  • Enter a subject and your message.
  • Click Create Discussion.

Select and message multiple journals

Learn more about discussions here.

Publication Offers

Responding to publication offers is simple on Scholastica. Once your manuscript has been accepted by a law review, you'll receive a notification via email. Once you are on your submission details page you'll find a green button that allows you to accept or decline the publication offer.

Accept or decline pub offers in addition to reading the journal's decision

Perform common actions on your submission at a single journal

Hovering over a table row of a submission allows you to click links to

  • send expedite requests
  • view expedite history (if any)
  • start a discussion
  • withdraw a manuscript

An example of a table row where the user is hovering and has prominent links visible

To learn more about being an author, check out our Author Guide.

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