Can authors submit to more than one law journal at a time?

Submitting to multiple journals:

Step 1: Select Law Reviews

Logged-in users can submit to law reviews at the Law Review Submission Pool.

Clicking the direct link above will take you to the page where you will find a list of law reviews that have chosen to be included in the law review submission pool. You can submit your article to a journal by adding it to your cart. Just click any of the journal covers to add that journal to your cart.

You can remove law reviews from your cart by clicking on its cover again or by clicking on the cart then clicking 'remove' to the right of the journal your would like to remove from your cart/.

You can read the complete submission guidelines of any journal by clicking on the "Guidelines" link under the journal cover. The guidelines for that journal will appear in a closeable modal window. Authors may also learn more about the journal by clicking the 'Visit Journal' link.

Note : If you cannot find the specific law review from the submission pool page, it likely means that the journal has opted not to appear in the law review submissions pool where most other law reviews are found. This is typical of journals that have specific submission requirements which differ from many other law reviews.

To find a journal outside of the submission pool you'll follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Scholastica account and click "Submit manuscript"
  2. Search for the name of the journal in the search bar (do NOT click the 'Go to submission pool' button)
  3. Click the journal cover or title
  4. Finally, click "Submit manuscript"

Step 2: Add Manuscript Information

The "Add Manuscript Details" page is very straightforward. This is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: Manuscript Details

  • Title of the article*

  • Abstract*

  • Keywords describing your article* (comma separated)

  • Primary manuscript file*

  • Curriculum vitae*

  • Supporting files Note: On the Primary Manuscript File and Supporting File sections, you will need to click the "Upload" button to add your files. There is no limit to the number of supporting files that you can upload.

Section 2: Author Details

  • Name*

  • Email*

  • Institution

  • Department

Some journals allow authors to optionally enter demographic information when submitting an article. If you choose to submit to one of these journals the submission form will include an optional section to submit this type of information. The section will clearly delineate which journals are allowing you to submit this information. This information will only be shown to journals configured to allow authors to submit demographic information at the time the author submits the manuscript.

Section 3: Payment Information

This section will only be present if your institution has NOT subsidized your submissions via an institutional account.

If you are not sponsored by an institution you will be required to enter your credit card information:

  • Card number*

  • Expiration date*

  • Security code*

If you believe you should be sponsored by your institution, you can find out more here. If you would like for Scholastica to contact your institution for you to recommend that they open an institutional account please contact us.

Step 3: Confirm and Submit

This page is intended to serve as an area where you can double-check that everything is correct with your submission before submitting it. Common errors to check for include misspelled words and attaching the wrong files.

Once you are sure everything is correct, click the "Submit Manuscript" button to complete your submission.

To learn more about being an author, check out our Author Guide.