What happens after a reviewer invitation is sent?

This article explains what happens after inviting someone to review a manuscript, from the perspective of the potential reviewer.

1. First, an editor sends an invitation to a potential reviewer

The image below shows the view of an editor about to send a reviewer invitation.

2. The potential reviewer receives the invitation

The invited reviewer will receive an email with the details about the manuscript and links to accept or decline the invitation.

If the invited reviewer already has an account on Scholastica, they will see a reminder of their account login information in the emailed invitation and will also see a pending task on their dashboard when they log in. 

Note: Once the reviewer invitation has been sent, a copy of the invitation that was sent to the reviewer will appear in the Discussions tab. If the reviewer replies to the reviewer invitation, his or her reply will be sent as an email notification to the inviting editor as well as recorded in the Discussions tab.

3. The potential reviewer views the manuscript

By clicking on the link in the email or the button on their dashboard notification, the invited reviewer will be directed to the manuscript details page.

4. The potential reviewer accepts or declines the reviewer invitation

The invited reviewer can decline the invitation, and suggest potential reviewers, without creating an account.

The invited reviewer can accept the invitation by clicking the "Accept invitation" button. If the reviewer already has an account on Scholastica they can now read the manuscript and begin writing the review. If the reviewer does not have an account on Scholastica, they will be prompted to create an individual account.

5. Reviewer reminders (optional)

If the journal has configured automatic reviewer reminder emails, then Scholastica will send reviewers automatic weekly or bi-weekly reminders that they are approaching the review deadline, and if they miss the deadline they will receive weekly or bi-weekly reminders that their review is past due. Reviewers will also receive an email the day the review is due.

6. The confirmed reviewer writes the review

After reading the article, and any supporting files that editors have shared, the reviewer can click "Write a review" to fill out the reviewer feedback that the journal has created.

7. The completed review shows up in the "Reviews" navigation item

After submitting the completed review, the reviewer will see a notification that the review was received by the journal, and can always go back to read the review by clicking the "Reviews" navigation item.

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