Can I manage a manuscript in Scholastica that I received by email?

Journal editors can submit manuscripts in Scholastica on behalf of authors (known as “proxy manuscript submissions” or "manual submissions").

The advantage of proxy submissions is that your journal can manage submissions that you receive outside of Scholastica, such as via email, right alongside manuscripts you received via the normal Scholastica submission process.

The disadvantages to proxy submissions are:

  • Authors cannot login to see the progress of their manuscript or share files during the review process.
  • Authors will only receive the decision email, and do NOT receive submission confirmation emails.
  • If you accept the article for publication, the author cannot login to their Scholastica account to help manage file versions, so journal editors will need to do this for them.
  • If you issue a decision of Revise & Resubmit, the author cannot login to their Scholastica account to submit the revision, so journal editors will need to do this for them.

You can upload a proxy submission by going to the "Manuscripts" tab and clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Scholastica sends authors an automatic notification by email that the author's manuscript has been uploaded to your journal account on Scholastica. This is helpful so authors know to expect future emails from Scholastica (e.g. an email with the final publication decision).

When uploading a submission to Scholastica on behalf of an author, editors will have the option to not send the author a confirmation email. This is helpful when a journal begins using Scholastica and wants to upload in-progress manuscripts but does not want the author to get a submission confirmation email potentially months after originally submitting the manuscript.

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