Can I change my account's email address?

Yes! Your Scholastica account's email address can easily be changed.

NOTE: Your email address is used to keep track of whether your institution sponsors your submissions or not. If you are sponsored and want to change your email address, be sure to contact your institutional administrator and have them add your new email address so your submissions will continue to be paid for by your institution.

  • Click My Account.
    • In the Change your email field, enter your new email address.
    • Enter your password.
    • Click Save Changes.

Change your email on the My Account page
  • Check your email (the account that you've just added to Scholastica)
    • Open the "Confirmation instructions" email from Scholastica
    • If you don't see the email, check your Spam folder.
    • In the email click Confirm my account.
  • Remember when logging into Scholastica in the future that you'll need to use the new email address.