Does Scholastica support revise and resubmit (R&R) functionality?


After making a decision of "revise and resubmit" for a manuscript, the author will be invited to submit a new version of their article. The journal will then be able to separately review the new version of the manuscript as well as link back to previously submitted versions of that manuscript.

A manuscript that was resubmitted through the R&R functionality

You can still access the original version of a manuscript even when it's been resubmitted

Inviting Reviewers

If you need to invite reviewers to read and review the revised version (v2) of the manuscript, you can do so by clicking on the 'Reviewers' tab.  You will find the list of reviewers that submitted reviews for the previous version of the manuscript in a grey box near the center of the page.

Click on the reviewer's names (blue links) to invite your former reviewers or invite entirely new reviewers by clicking the blue 'Invite Reviewer' button.

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