How do I manage manuscript tags?

Manuscript tags can be applied to individual manuscripts and are only visible to editors. Tags are helpful for grouping and searching manuscripts on the manuscript table page.

To learn about how to create tags, please click here.

Viewing tags

The Journal Admin should visit My Journals > Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options:

Next, select the "Manuscript Tags" section from the sidebar on the left. There you will see a list of all tags currently used by your journal as well as the number of times a tag has been applied to a manuscript:

Renaming tags

Say you would like to change all manuscripts currently tagged with "constitutional-law" to instead be tagged with "con-law". You can accomplish this by renaming the "constitutional-law" tag. To rename a tag, click the edit icon within the "Manage manuscript tags" table and complete the form.

Deleting tags

When you delete a tag, it will be removed from all manuscripts where that tag is present. To delete a tag, click the delete icon in the "Manage manuscript tags" table.

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