Advanced searching

As a journal editor, by default you can full-text search the manuscripts table by: the manuscript title, submitting author name, editor tags (if any), submission date, status, assigned editor name, and expedited decision date (if any).

Editors can also conduct advanced searches by using the syntax below. Note that only one field can be searched at a time with advanced searching (e.g. you can search authors OR the abstract but not both in the same search). Please also note that the syntax of the search needs to be followed exactly as demonstrated — (all lowercase) category: search terms

Advanced Search Example Explanation
Title "title: queen anne" Searches only manuscript titles for "queen anne" and would ignore similar terms in all other fields.
Keywords "keyword: oceanography" Searches only the keywords that author entered when submitting the manuscript for "oceanography" and would ignore "oceanography" in all other fields (e.g. title, editor tags, etc.).
Abstract "abstract: former student" Searches only the manuscript abstract for "former student" and would ignore "former student" in all other fields (e.g. title, editor tags, etc.).
Editor tags "tag: resubmission" Searches only the tags that editors have added (which are not visible to the author) for "resubmission" and would ignore "resubmission" in all other fields (e.g. title, manuscript status, etc.).
Author names "author: johnson" Searches all author names, including the additional authors who did not submit the manuscript, ignores "johnson" in all other fields (e.g. title, editor tags, etc.).


To search for exact phrases or exact word matches, put the exact search term in quotation marks. For example: abstract: civil war would match manuscripts that have both 'civil' and 'war' somewhere in the abstract, but abstract: "civil war" would only match manuscripts with the exact phrase 'civil war' in the abstract.

To search through your manuscripts  except for particular search terms you can add a minus sign in front of the text you'd like to leave out. For example, tag: -maybe would show all of the manuscripts in your table except for the manuscripts that had that tag. 

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