Can I send reviewer reminder emails?


By default, Scholastica will automatically send emails to reviewers according to the following rules:

  • Until the invitation is accepted or declined, Scholastica re-sends the initial invitation email weekly, bi-weekly, or not at all depending on how you've set up your configuration options.
  • If the invitation is accepted, Scholastica sends weekly emails reminding the reviewer to submit the review.
  • On the day the review is due, Scholastica sends a single reminder email.
  • After the deadline has past, Scholastica sends weekly emails notifying the reviewer that their assignment is past due.
  • Editors can manually send a reminder email at any time. The weekly reminder emails are reset by this, meaning the next one won't be sent until 7 days have passed since the manual reminder was sent.

The journal account admin can disable reminder emails by visiting My Journals > Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options > Email Options.

Sample emails

Until the invitation is accepted or declined, the invitation is resent weekly, bi-weekly, or only on the review's due date depending on how you've set it in Configuration Options:

If the invitation is accepted, a reminder to submit the review is sent weekly, bi-weekly, only the week before the due date, or only on the review's due date depending on the Configuration Options:

To edit your settings and frequency of reviewer reminder emails, the admin editor for the journal will go to My Journals > Settings > Configuration Options > Email Options and scroll down to the following option:

To learn more about being an editor, check out our Editor Guide.