Can I have receipts sent to a different email address?

By default, Receipts are sent by email to the institutional account holder (i.e. the person who signed up for the account). You can change this email address by clicking "User Settings" and updating your email address. As a security measure, you will be asked to confirm your new email address.

Change email address

You may also send receipts to additional email addresses. This is helpful, for example, if the person responsible for managing your account (e.g. adding new authors) is different than the person who handles billing (e.g. auditing receipts). By specifying additional recipients, the account holder can continue to manage authors' sponsorships but ensure that billing related emails (receipts, invoices, etc) are automatically forwarded to the billing department.

To specify additional email addresses, click "Institution Information", add as many addresses as needed, and click "Update institution information".

Additional billing recipients

To learn more about being an institutional administrator, check out our Institutional Administrator Guide.