How does journal approval work?

What does my journal need to do in order to be approved?

To be approved and able to begin accepting submissions from authors, your journal's newly created Scholastica account needs to include:

  • Your journal's description
  • Submission guidelines
  • List of your editorial board's members
  • Journal cover (reach out to if you don't have one and we can help!)

After you've filled out the necessary information, you can request approval by clicking
All done and ready to be approved on the red banner notifying you that your journal is not yet approved. You can also request approval by emailing your sales contact or

Once you've requested approval, we'll email you to let you know when your approval has been finalized as well as schedule a personalized consultation/training experience.

Journal approval banner

Why do I need to be approved?

The approval process is important! It guarantees that a journal has been vetted as actually being affiliated with the individuals who created the Scholastica account. It also allows the authors and reviewers working with the journal to have insight into the administration of the journal and who is making decisions.