Can I hide a manuscript from another editor?


If one of your journal's editors has a conflict of interest around a submission - perhaps they are the author or a co-author on the article - you can hide all activity related to the manuscript from them.

To do this:

  • Go to the manuscript work area for the manuscript.
  • Click the eye-shaped icon to the left of the manuscript title.
  • Un-check the box of the editor or editors you want to hide the manuscript from.
  • Click Save.

Hide manuscript from an editor.

The editor will not see the manuscript among your journal's submissions. If they are the author of the manuscript, then Scholastica will treat them as such and only show them the author-side view of the manuscript. They will not see any editor or reviewer discussions, reviews, or the editor notepad.

To learn more about being an editor, check out our Editor Guide.