Journal Dashboard

Journal Dashboard

The Journal Dashboard provides you with a bird’s eye view of not only what your team needs from you, but also the general goings-on of the journal!

The Journal Dashboard is split into three sections:
  • Your to-dos
  • Manuscript assignments
  • Latest journal activity

Your to-dos

See all of your pending to-dos — for full details on the to-do you can click the hyperlinked title to take you to your To-dos page.

If you have no to-dos assigned to you, you’ll see a message letting you know!

Manuscript Assignments

Click the manuscript assignments tab for a list of all of the manuscripts currently assigned to you that are still considered Under Review. Click the hyperlinked title to take you directly to that manuscript’s details page. 

Latest activity across the journal

You can search through journal activity to find when and who completed various actions. Click “Load more” at the bottom of the page to view more journal activities.