Demographic information on Scholastica


Some journals hosted on Scholastica allow authors to submit optional demographic information (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) when submitting a manuscript. Optional demographic data collected in the manuscript submission form will be made available to journal editors (but not reviewers), and optional demographic data will be stored with the manuscript submitted to that journal.

Journals which do not request optional demographic information at the time of submission will not have access to this data. Authors are not required to submit optional demographic information in order to submit a manuscript to a journal on Scholastica. The choice to request this data is made explicitly by the journal, and use of the data is entirely the responsibility of the journal collecting the data.

Scholastica will store the data on the journal’s behalf and allow journals to collect and analyze data, but Scholastica will not sell, trade, or transfer an individual’s personal information to any third party or entity.

Demographic information field on law review submission page

Demographic information field on the standard peer review submission page

How to enable optional demographic information

If you're the admin editor of your journal on Scholastica, you can toggle on/off the optional demographic information when authors submit to your journal. To do so, navigate to your Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options > and then select Author Options from the sidebar on the left. You'll then check the box labeled Collect optional demographic information from authors during submission and then click the blue Update Journal button to save your changes.

Configuration option to enable demographic author information