What happens after a decision is created?

This article explains what happens after an editor makes a decision on a manuscript, from the perspective of the author.

1. First, an editor sends the decision to the author

The image below shows the view of an editor about to send a decision.

2. The author receives the decision

The author will receive an email with the decision letter and any applicable links (such as links to the reviewer comments, link to submit a revised version if decision was Revise & Resubmit, etc.). If the journal is configured to use  publication offers, there will also be a link to accept or decline the publication offer.

If the decision is Revise & Resubmit or if the journal has extended a publication offer, the author will also see a notification on their dashboard when they log in.

Note: Once the decision has been sent, a copy of the decision letter that was sent to the author will appear in the Discussions tab. If the author replies to the decision, his or her reply will be sent as an email notification to the sending editor as well as recorded in the Discussions tab.

3. Replies to the decision letter (optional)

If the author replies to the decision letter, their reply will appear in the Discussion thread created when the decision was sent. Editors can also follow up on the decision letter by replying in Discussions.

The animated .gif below shows an author replying to the decision letter and having their reply threaded in the Discussion message.