Managing file versions

Sometimes the file version that you have isn't the exact file version that you need; maybe the author of the paper forgot to remove identifying information before submitting, or left track changes on when submitting.

Luckily, as an editor of the journal you can upload a new version of a particular file — that version will then be the file that is shown to any invited reviewers who have access to it and will be the file version that appears when you click "Read Manuscript" or view the file in-browser.

Please note — this should be used to update a version of an existing file. If you have read and reviewed the submission and want the author to revise their paper and resubmit it, you can learn more about Revise & Resubmit functionality on Scholastica here.

Updating file versions as an editor

To update the version of a particular file, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the manuscript work area
  2. Scroll down to the Files section
  3. Click Manage versions on the file for which you'd like to upload a new version
  4. Click Upload New Version
  5. You'll then be able to add a few notes describing what's different about this new file version before clicking Add file and attaching the file you'd like to act as the new version of this file. Click

    Save new file to save your changes.

  6. The file you just added will automatically be marked as the Current Version . You can also verify which file is the Current Version by clicking Read Manuscript . The file that appears in browser after clicking that button is the Current Version

You will always have access to all versions of a file and can toggle between which one appears as the "Current Version".

Moving Discussions attachments to the Files table

If you received a file via Discussions and want to set that file as the new version of an existing file in the manuscript Files table, you can do so by using the "Move to manuscript's files table" tool as explained here: How do Discussions work?: Moving Discussions attachments to the files table.

Updating file versions as an author

Authors cannot swap in new file versions themselves, but can use Discussions to send updated files to the editors who can then upload that file as the new version if they choose.