Why should I obtain DOIs for my journal's articles?

DOIs are unique identifiers that provide a persistent URL to an article — even if the article changes websites or publishers, the DOI link will still work. 

You can obtain DOIs from any DOI registration agency. A commonly used DOI registration agency in the United States is Crossref, a member-based non-profit organization. You can learn more about DOIs by reading our blog interview with Crossref here.

Along with registering DOIs, a Crossref membership (pricing information found here) will also open up some other benefits to your journal down the road as Scholastica adds new functionality:

  • See when articles are mentioned on social media and blogs ("Events" data)
  • See when other articles cite your article ("Cited By" service)
  • Access to discounted iThenticate plagiarism detection software ("Similarity Check" service)

Learn more about DOIs via Crossref membership here: https://www.crossref.org/membership/benefits/

If you have a Crossref membership and are using Scholastica OA Publishing and/or Scholastica Production and want to automatically generate DOIs for your articles, you can do so by setting up a Crossref integration with your Scholastica account — just follow the steps found here.