Can I ensure that only specific authors are allowed to submit to my journal?

Yes! If you're putting together a special issue, or only interested in allowing submissions from authors who have signed up for your conference, the admin editor for your journal can configure the journal account to only permit specified authors to submit.

Activating the configuration option

To activate that configuration, the admin editor will navigate to My Journals > Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options > Restrict submissions to specified authors .

Check the box labeled "Restrict submissions to only specified authors" and then click Update journal to save that change.

Screenshot of the restrict submissions only specified authors option. The option is not yet activated in the screenshot, so the checkbox is unchecked.

Please note: The journal account still needs to be marked "open for submissions" in order for your specified authors to be able to submit. The admin editor will open the account for submissions by navigating to My Journals >Settings >Configuration Options >Open/Close for submissions .

If you'd like to open your account to allow submissions from unspecified authors, you'll just uncheck the box "Restrict submissions to only specified authors" and then click Update journal to save that change. After that, anyone with a Scholastica account will be able to submit to your journal when it's open for submissions.

Adding specified authors to your list

Once you've toggled the configuration option on, you can then manage your list of allowed submitters.

Add your specified authors' email addresses to the field on the right and then click "Add authors" when you're done. Email addresses should be separated by commas when added e.g.:,,

Adding authors to your list of allowed submitters does not trigger an email notification of any kind. If you want to notify that individual that they're now on your list of permitted authors, you should follow up with them manually via email to let them know: 1. that they've been granted permission to submit 2. that they'll need to use the exact email address on your list when they sign up for Scholastica in order to be able to submit.

Once an email address is added, that individual will show in the table under your "list of allowed submitters". If the individual has a Scholastica account, then you'll see their name with a link to their Scholastica profile, instead of seeing their email address listed.

Removing specified authors from your list

If you no longer want an individual to be permitted to submit to your journal, you can remove them from your list of allowed submitters by clicking Delete to the right of the name or email address of that person.

If you'd like to remove multiple authors at once, just check the boxes on the left in the rows of those authors and then click the red Bulk delete button above the table.