What billing options are available for my journal?

Your journal's billing options can be configured by the admin editor. To manage these settings, go to
My Journals, Settings, and then Billing. These settings can be changed at any time.

Navigate to your Billing Settings.

There are two options for journals to pay for submissions:

Author Pays

When selected, the journal pays only the Annual Peer Review fee to use Scholastica. Authors will be presented with a payment form upon submission and will be charged $10 for a Standard Peer Reviewed Journal or $6.60 for a Law Review. (For authors submitting to law reviews, it is common to have their submission fees paid by their institution. Learn more about institutional accounts.)

Billing Settings

Within this option, Standard Peer Reviewed Journals can raise the submission fee and keep a portion of the additional fee for themselves. See Can I charge authors an additional submission fee? for details.

Journal Pays

If you don't want your authors to have to pay a submission fee, your journal can pay the fee. To do so, select the Journal Pays option. The credit card that we have on file will be charged for each submission that is made to your journal. Credit card is the only form of payment we accept for this option.

Set up your journal's payment details.

In this scenario, journals are automatically charged each month for all the submissions they've received during that period. If the journal receives no submissions during a given month, the credit card will be charged nothing.

You can change the credit card on file at any time by navigating back to this Billing section and clicking Manage Card 

Manage card

To learn more about being an editor, check out our Editor Guide.