What do I do when I'm done selecting articles?

When your law review is done selecting articles you'll close for submissions and then reject any remaining manuscripts that are under review.

Closing for submissions

Closing for submissions eases frustration by ensuring that authors don't waste time submitting to your journal when you don't plan on looking at submissions again for a few months.  

To close for submissions, the journal admin user will go to:
My Journals > Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options 

The admin editor can then click the "Close submissions" button. To update the message that readers see when your journal is closed for submissions, enter it in the text box under the "Closed for submissions message"  and then click "Update Message".

Reject remaining manuscripts

Making decisions on old manuscripts helps authors know which submissions are actually active and which are not, and helps the next law review board inherit a clean queue of manuscripts to review.

To mass reject, the journal admin user needs to go to:
My Journals > Settings > Journal Settings > Configuration Options

Click on the "Begin Mass Rejection Process" button. You will then compose an email that is sent to each author along with the rejection decision, and each manuscript will be marked as "Rejected".

Mass rejecting manuscripts that were submitted 1+ years ago

If you're mass rejecting old articles from several months (or even years!) ago and don't want the author to receive an email notifying them of your decision, you can just uncheck the box labeled "send an email with this decision" on the mass reject pop-up box.

Please note : Law authors tend to prefer to receive decisions, so this option should really only be used when making decisions on manuscripts that were submitted over a year ago. Please click here to read about how real law authors feel about receiving decisions.

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