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3 Steps to transfer your Scholastica account to the new e-board

New e-board: 4 steps to update your law review account


Q: How do I clear manuscripts that I don’t want to publish out of my Scholastica queue?

We (and the authors who are submitting to you) strongly recommend that you make decisions on every submission your receive. Not only does making decisions on papers as you go make it easier to tell what articles still need your attention, it also helps authors plan their submissions better which in turn, makes you a favorite among law authors.  

Q: How do I get submissions on Scholastica?

Authors choose the specific law reviews that they would like to consider their paper. So if an article shows up in your manuscript table, that’s because the author submitted it to you and would like you to consider publishing it!  

Q: How do I alert authors that we’re looking for submissions, or looking for papers on a particular topic?

There are two ways your law review can notify authors via Scholastica:

  1. Posting in The Conversation on Scholastica
  2. Tweeting using the #LRSubmissions hashtag

To post a call for submissions in The Conversation, you’ll log into your Scholastica account and click the grey “new social post” button on the user dashboard.

Tweet your call for submissions @ScholasticaLR using the #LRSubmissions hashtag and we’ll retweet it!  

Q: We use a rubric when reviewing article submissions -- how do I bring that into Scholastica?

Your journal account’s admin can add your rubric to Scholastica, click here to learn how.

Q: I have a question that’s not covered on this page or a suggestion for how Scholastica can improve -- what should I do?

Reach out to us at; we’d be happy to help!

Help documents

Law Review Editor Guide

A guide to all the ins-and-outs of being a law review on Scholastica.  


How to start and respond to Discussion messages -- the best way to keep communication central!  

Expedite requests

Where expedite requests appear on Scholastica, how they're added by authors, and how you can add them on behalf of authors when necessary.  

Bulk actions

Move faster during article selection by taking multiple actions at once including: Tagging, rejecting, and assigning articles to editors  

Uploading an article on behalf of an author

Still receiving a few papers via email? You don't need to maintain a separate spreadsheet! Just create a "proxy" submission on behalf of the author.  

Edit email notification preferences

Receiving too many emails? Not getting enough emails so things are slipping through the cracks? Edit your email notification preferences!  

Update public journal profile

Keep your authors in the loop by updating your author guidelines and editorial board information on your publicly-visible profile.