Billing on Scholastica

Billing overview

What are the costs to use Scholastica?

The cost you pay to use Scholastica depends entirely on how you use Scholastica and which products you use.

  • Scholastica Peer Review
    • $250 annual fee
    • $10 per manuscript submission if journal is covering submission costs on behalf of author, i.e. is set to "Journal Pays" method
  • Scholastica OA Publishing
    • $99 per month (billed annually)
  • Scholastica Typesetting Service
    • $5 per 500 words
    • $7 per figure/table

Ways to pay

There are three ways you can pay accrued charges on Scholastica: manually, via an emailed invoice, automatically, via a credit card on file, or automatically, via funds you've added to your journal account ahead of time. You can change how you'd like to pay at any time, for any type of charge.

Pay manually via invoice

This option should be used if you don't have a credit card that you have permission to apply to your account and if you, as the admin editor, are not the person who manages payment and billing for your journal.

Pay automatically via credit card

This option should be used if you don't need monthly charges to be approved by a billing department and want an easy, hands-off way to manage your payments.

Pay automatically via journal funds

This option should be used if you have a lump sum of money you'd like to apply to your account upfront, perhaps from a grant or allotment. Those journal funds, once added, will be drawn from in lieu of charging a credit card for payment, etc.

To add funds to your journal account, you'll navigate to My Journals > Settings > Billing > then click + Add journal funds. Note the amount you'd like to add to the account, select who should receive the invoice and receipt (by default copies of both will be sent to the journal email address), then click "Finish" when everything has been filled out correctly. The funds will be 'pending' until the invoice you just created is paid after which point the funds will be applied to your account and can be tracked under "Journal funds" at the left of the Billing page.

How do I subscribe to the appropriate product(s)?

Setting up your account with your chosen products on Scholastica is easy! Your journal's billing options can be configured by the admin editor. To manage these settings, navigate to My Journals > Settings > Billing. These settings can be changed at any time.

Navigate to your Billing Settings.

Navigate to your Billing Settings.

To subscribe your journal to a product, you'll navigate to My Journals > Settings > Billing. Once there, click Sign up under the product header. Example: Scholastica Peer Review product on the Billing page

Example: Scholastica Peer Review product on the Billing page

To finalize your subscription, you'll complete all 5 steps in the sign up. First, decide how you'd like to pay, then for Peer Review choose who should pay for manuscript submissions, then enter the email addresses where you'd like copies of the invoice and the receipt to be sent (the journal email is automatically listed as a recipient), and finally, click "Finish" when everything has been filled out correctly.

If you need to sign up for another product, simply click Sign up under that other product header and complete the same steps again.

Peer Review: Author Pays vs Journal Pays?

There are two options for journals to pay for manuscript submissions:

Author Pays

When selected, the journal pays only the $250 annual fee to use Scholastica Peer Review. Authors will be presented with a payment form upon submission and will be charged $10 for a Standard Peer Reviewed Journal or $6.50 for a Law Review. (For authors submitting to law reviews, it is common to have their submission fees paid by their institution. Learn more about institutional accounts.) Billing Settings for Peer Review subscription

Billing Settings for Peer Review subscription

Within this option, Standard Peer Reviewed Journals can raise the submission fee and keep a portion of the additional fee for themselves. See: Can I charge authors an additional submission fee? for details.

Journal Pays

If you don't want your authors to have to pay a submission fee, your journal can pay the fee. To do so, select the Journal Pays option and enter a valid credit card. Then click Update Billing Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I charge an additional submission fee?

A: Yes! Scholastica makes it easy to set the manuscript submission fee for authors, and makes it easy to automatically transfer revenue from submission fees directly to the journal's bank account via Stripe Connect. Submission fees are a great way for Open Access journals to financially support their work by spreading the cost across all submitted manuscripts.

Please note: this feature is not available for law reviews.

How do I configure an additional submission fee?

Step 1: Connecting your bank account

Before collecting an additional submission fee for your journal, you'll need to sign up for Stripe Connect. Scholastica uses Stripe to process credit card transactions and Stripe Connect to transfer your journal's portion of the submission fee to your bank account.

To set up Stripe Connect, start by going to My Journals > Settings > Billing

You'll then either click to Sign up for Peer Review or will edit your existing Peer Review subscription by clicking the "Peer Review subscription details" tab near the bottom of the page. Your journal will need to be subscribed to Peer Review and then select "Author Pays" under the tab labeled "Who pays for submissions? Journal or author?"

Once you've selected "author", a new set of options will appear. If you'd like to charge authors an additional submission fee which will be sent directly to your journal, select the button for "Yes, I would like to set up a custom submission fee".


Click Connect with Stripe. You'll be taken to Stripe's website. Enter your business details and click Authorize access to this account.

You'll be taken back to Scholastica and will see a message saying, "Your Stripe Connect account has been successfully activated." You can now move the slider to adjust your additional submission fee.

Step 2: Setting the fee

You will see a slider to set the additional submission fee. The total author fee minimum is $10 (which is Scholastica's base submission fee), and the maximum is $100. Click and drag the slider to set the total submission fee. Click Continue and complete the rest of the form to save the changes.

Breakdown of submission fees

Here is a detailed explanation of how submission fees are calculated and distributed.

Base submission fee

Scholastica charges $10 for every (non-law journal) submission. Journals have the option of paying this fee in order to make submissions free to authors or of having the authors pay the fee.

Additional submission fee

Journals can charge an additional fee beyond Scholastica's $10 base fee. This additional fee is paid to the journal, minus Stripe's processing charge for the transaction.

Stripe processing charge

Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Journals are only responsible for Stripe's processing charge if they are charging an additional submission fee beyond Scholastica's $10 base fee.

For example

If your journal sets its total submission fee at $50:

  • The $10 base submission fee goes to Scholastica
  • The $40 additional fee:
    • (2.9% of $50 = $1.45) + $0.30 = $1.75 goes to Stripe
    • $40 - $1.75 = $38.25 goes to your journal

What the author sees

None of the fee breakdown is visible to the author. They simply see one price: the total submission fee.

On screen

When the author is submitting, they simply see a credit card form on the submission page asking them to pay the full submission fee price.

Image of the payment field on the manuscript submission form

Image of the payment field on the manuscript submission form

On their credit card

Authors will see a single charge on their credit card with the name of your business name listed as the source. This is determined when you sign up for Stripe Connect.

Q: Can I have receipts and/or invoices sent to a different address?

Yes! By default, Receipts are sent by email to the journal email address. The journal's admin editor can change this email address by navigating to My Journals>Settings>Details, updating the journal email address, and clicking Update Journal at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

You can, however, also opt to have receipts and/or invoices sent to additional email addresses by adding those email addresses when subscribing to a product. yZc9H7y.png

Image of the product subscription page and where to add additional billing email addresses
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